Best way to pass a drug test naturally

Marijuana is an increasingly less “taboo” subject these days; while many people were incredibly secretive about their use of the drug in the past, it is more and more common every day to hear somebody talking about marijuana, or see somebody smoking it. We all know that it may have medicinal uses, and it may not – however, how do you get rid of all traces of marijuana in your body?

There may be numerous reasons that you want to rid of all marijuana within your body, such as:

  • Rehabilitation: Perhaps you want to go to rehab, and slowly wean yourself away from the drug.
  • Drug Test: Another extremely common reason is that you have a drug test coming up within the next few days; and you want to make sure that you pass.

Many may believe that marijuana simply removes itself from your system, however this isn’t true. Although you may not feel “high” after a few hours of using the drug; particulates of Marijuana remain. There are referred to as cannabinoids.

fastest way to pass a drug test

Cannabinoids tend to be found within fingernails, hair, blood, urine and saliva. This means that if you have a drug test coming up; there are numerous ways they could catch it. So make sure you are prepared. Passing a drug test if you have a full week is relatively easy, but if you 24 hours or less to pass a drug test, then better if you prepare!

How to pass a Drug Test in 24 hours

When you have a drug test, and your urine is tested – the chemists are actually looking for THC. It does have a complicated name, but we don’t really need to know though. The reason they take a sample of urine is because it is incredibly easy; and THC stays in urine noticeably longer than anywhere else.

To get rid of all Marijuana traces naturally, it could take months. This is because the rate at which THC “disappears” from your body all depends on your lifestyle, factors of this include: weight and exercise. THC also stores itself within fat cells, making it extremely hard to remove in some cases.

So there are only two ways to pass a drug test in 24 hours for weed, and these are :

  • synthetic urine
  • detox drinks

For more details on detox drinks for drug test and synthetic urine, check out my previous post.

How long does THC remain discoverable on average?

urine drug test

There is no definitive answer to how long it can remain detectable, as it will only last around two days within some people; whereas it can stick around for months with other people. On average, it will remain detectable for at least a few weeks to a couple of months. This all depends on your lifestyle, body mass index, and exercise routine. Obviously marijuana usage affects this too.

Natural Detox of marijuana

There is a way to naturally detox yourself of all Marijuana traces; however it will take several weeks. Therefore, it isn’t the best choice if you have a drug test within the next few days. However, what is the best way to natural detox yourself of all Marijuana traces?

There are many steps you need to make sure that you follow in order to rid yourself of all marijuana use, this includes:

  • Water Intake: The amount of water you drink does affect how fast THC will remove itself from your system, therefore by drinking a large amount of water each day (around a couple of liters) – this will keep you healthy, and therefore provide the best foundations for THC to remove itself.
  • Exercise: Studies have shown that exercise does help remove THC from your body, so by getting frequent exercise; this will help a lot. By exercising, you also speed up your metabolic rate; which also helps to rid of THC. Also, the more body fat you currently have, the longer it will take to detox; but by doing more exercise, you can detox yourself a lot faster.
  • Diet: Eating green vegetables can help a huge amount, this is because they are proven to speed up your metabolic rate. By eating green vegetables, and exercising – your metabolic rate should increase almost instantaneously. Lemon juice also contains Vitamin C and electrolytes, which can help detox THC. For the best results, make your own lemon juice at home with fresh lemons, rather than buying pre-made lemon juice. Avoid salty foods, as the sodium present in these foods will help retain water, which you don’t want. Fast food is also bad for detoxing marijuana, as they slow the metabolism. Focus your diet on healthy foods, by consuming a lot of lean meat, fruit and veg.

Once you believe you may be clean, go buy a home test kit. If you pass on that, you’ll most likely pass on your real drug test, but again, it only works if you have a couple of weeks on your hand. If you are asking me how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours then I would say ALWAYS go with synthetic urine, if you are afraid of using it then detox drinks are the second safest choice.

If you have  7-10 days and you want to detox your system (and not just mask drug metabolites in your system) then buy a bottle of toxin rid detox pills. Also do the detoxing process what I described above to speed up the cleansing prodcess.

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