Synthetic urine for drug test

This will be a short article on synthetic urine. Someone asked me how to use synthetic urine and what are the most crucial parts of using fake urine for drug test. Well, the most important thing is the urine must be quality. Please do not buy magnum and similar crap, because the chances that you will fail are huge.

It must contain several chemicals, without these chemicals you are buying yellow colored water and I don’t think you want that. The best synthetic urine brands are Sub Solution, Quick Fix and Monkey whizz. Check out this video on Sub Solution Synthetic urine:

The other most important thing is you need to keep the urine warm, If its not on the right temperature, they will refuse to take your urine sample and you will be tested again. So once again, its crucial to keep the urine on the right temperature. The best synthetic urine, as I mentioned earlier called sub solution and it comes with heat activator powder and a flask with thermometer. Its really easy to use and almost fool proof. If you decide to buy Quick Fix, Monkey Whizz or any other synthetic urine, then you will need to microwave it first, then wrap it with handwarmers to keep the temperature.

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