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UK Licenses Sativex – Cannabis-Derived Rx for Multiple Sclerosis

n oral spray containing a cannabis derivative is now available by medical prescription in the United Kingdom. Sativex®, a plant-derived cannabis medicinal extract (or medical marijuana), may be the world’s first legal cannabis drug to become commercially available. Sativex® cannabis-derived medication received official approval by the UK’s Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) on

How to download Pro Tools 12 free with crack

Avid Pro Tools 12 is a music production software which has been created for those music composers who love an intelligent and flexible platform for their creative endeavors. Unfortunately the software is quite pricy, that’s why many people are looking for Pro tools free download links online. If you don’t want to pay hundreds of

Marijuana Conviction Reversed

On August 24, 2016 a Spokane man, Loren Hanson, had his business, the Manor Lodge Motel, raided by a law enforcement task force that seized 34 mature marijuana plants. Hanson was not present when the raid took place. The next day he turned himself into authorities with the documentation stating that he has glaucoma and

Michael Phelps’ Marijuana Episode

Much has been said about Michael Phelps’ marijuana episode. Unfortunately way more than it should have been. Maybe more attention was given to it than to his historic 8 gold medals in the last Olympic games. And it should not have been like this. It is time for the media and for people in general

Why not to use home remedies for drug test

There are tons of videos on youtube promoting various home remedies to pass drug test. These methods are popular because these are usually easy and very cheap, I think being cheap is the main point. Why would anyone try to take niacin pills for example? Certo method is the same, it requires two bag of

Synthetic urine for drug test

This will be a short article on synthetic urine. Someone asked me how to use synthetic urine and what are the most crucial parts of using fake urine for drug test. Well, the most important thing is the urine must be quality. Please do not buy magnum and similar crap, because the chances that you